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jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Little Bee

A falta de ganas de poner por escrito ideas y acontecimientos, me gustaría compartir dos paginas de una novela que acabo de terminar de leer, novela que recomiendo vivamente: Little Bee. Sarah es un a mujer inglesa de éxito, con un hijo, Charlie,  y a la que se acaba de morir el marido que se ha suicidado, y a los dos días aparece en casa su amante Lawrence, un ingles casado con  tres hijos. Bee es una africana de Nigeria que intenta esconderse en Inglaterra ilegalmente para evitar que la maten por las cosas que ha visto en su país. Así pues , dado el preámbulo, allá va.

Very early the next morning, Sarah looked into my room.
"I'm glad you're awake," she said.
"We've run out of milk for Charlie's breakfast, so I'm popping down to the shop before he wakes up. Two minutes. Do you want to come?"
It was raining, so we went in Sarah's car.
The widescreen wiper squeaked across the glass. Sarah chewed her lip between her teeth.
"Look, " she said. "Lawrence staying overnight. I realise it must look a bit sudden. So I wanted to have this chat with you. I just wanted you to understand."
I laughed. Sarah was surprised and she looked across me.
"It is not hard to understand," I said. "We are all trying to be happy in this world. I am happy because I do not think the men will come to kill me today. You are happy because you can make you own choices. And Lawrence is your choice, right?"
Sarah laughed and shook her head while she steered through the rain.
"well, " she said. "That was a lot easier than I thought it would be."
I smiled. It was good to see her laughing like this.
I said to her, "I don't think you are wrong for living your life you were born in. A dog must be a dog and a wolf must be a wolf, that is the proverb in my country."
"That's beautiful, " said Sarah.
"Actually that is not the proverb in my country."
"No! Why would we have a proverb with wolves in it? We have two hundred proverbs about monkeys, three hundred about cassava. we talk about what we know. But I have noticed, in your country, I can say anything so long as I say that is the proverb in my country. Then people will nod their heads and look very serious."
Sarah laughed again.
"That is a good trick," she said. "Isn't that what you say Bee?"
I smiled. Happiness for Sarah was a long future where she could live the life of her choice. A dog must be a dog and a wolf must be a wolf and a bee must be a bee. And when they run out of milk, all God's creatures met go to the shop.