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martes, 28 de junio de 2016

That`s life

...and here we are again, in a summer night, pleased with this charming warm, but feeling weird with the world, well not the world in itself, just weird with my thoughts that are a world. I'm missing my friends, my beloved ones, the ones that care about me. I know they are out there, but I'm still missing a special one, that to me it looks like missing a bit, or a piece of a life. No romantic ideas here, just the reality of a missing desire that never comes, or I suppose so. And that is what makes me tired and helpless. 
No, I'm not complaining, but at times it becomes so hard to deal with it, better saying with myself about it. Time passes away so quickly now, and well, I'm intended to grasp every minute of it, whatever it comes, even though I'm not really opened at everything, and THAT makes me think about wasting moments that somehow I don't realise they are precious. So in this night I feel I have to calm down and embrace the whispering silence that makes you find the balance between your soul and your expectations, mine high hopes for a considerable change that I don't dare to grab from its nettle.
Just saying. 
Let's ride the wings of existence. The power of the unconsciousness.

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